About Ministry Audiology Services

The audiologists at Ministry Medical Group Northern region have doctoral degrees in audiology. Their training focuses on the function of the ear along with improving communication for all our patients.

What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is most commonly a doctoral-level professional who has extensive training on the anatomy, function and disorders of the ear and hearing. Audiologists are also trained in communication, rehabilitation and communication counseling. In addition to fitting hearing aids, audiologists perform many advanced brainstem and vestibular (balance) tests. Audiologists are also the only professionals legally allowed to test individuals with cognitive problems and/or dementia. An audiologist must have a minimum of a master's level degree, although more and more are obtaining their clinical or research doctorates. They are also required to complete a nine month to one year post graduation fellowship where they are supervised in the clinical setting. Audiologists must obtain continuing education credits to maintain their license. Audiologists can be found in a medical setting, such as a clinic or hospital, or in a private practice setting.

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