Hearing Aids

We provide quality hearing instruments from several major manufacturers. We spend time with patients and family members to determine what is appropriate for that individual. Recommendations are based on the results of hearing testing, lifestyle and budget.
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How Hearing Aids Work:
Hearing aids come in a large variety of styles and circuitry, but there are basics that they all have in common. Simply put, hearing aids have a microphone, amplifier, and receiver. All hearing aids are powered by batteries.
Almost all hearing aids now are digital. With digital aids, acoustic sound comes into the microphone and the sound is changed into a digital signal and modified as necessary based upon the individual's hearing loss. The sounds pass through the amplifier and are made louder then transformed back from a digital signal into sound waves. The sound is then channeled into the ear.
There are a large variety of styles (i.e. what they look like) of hearing aids. The styles recommended by the audiologist vary according to the patient's hearing loss, financial concerns, and cosmetic wishes. There are also a large variety of options on hearing aids, such as volume controls, program pushbuttons, telephone switches, and the like. The audiologist works with the patient to determine what options would best suit them and their hearing loss.

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