At the Hospital


At the Birthing Center at Howard Young Medical Center, you will labor, deliver your baby, and recover in the same room. Your partner or support person will have a place to sleep in your room. Your room is large enough to accommodate your family and visitors. The warm, inviting atmosphere features:

  • Comfortable suite with a private bathroom and shower
  • a pull-out sleeper sofa or recliner chair for your support person
  • a rocker, TV with DVD, phone and free internet access
  • Labor aids such as birthing balls

Our visiting policy

During labor, the mother designates the support persons who are expected to be in the mother’s room providing active support during labor and delivery. After your baby arrives, we are excited for you to introduce your newborn to family and friends. However, if visitors are ill, we can’t allow them to visit while you are in the hospital. We don’t want to expose new mothers and babies to illnesses. Parents and siblings need time to bond with their new baby. New mothers also need their rest. So, we do have scheduled visiting hours for friends and extended family. Please contact a Birthing Center staff member if you have questions.


  • General visiting hours are 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • The baby’s parents, grandparents, and siblings may visit at any time.
  • Children may visit with adult supervision.

Our security program

Your baby will be safe in the Birthing Center. We use the Hugs and Kisses™ electronic security system. Only people with a name band that matches the baby’s name band can visit the baby in the nursery or take the baby from the nursery. You can help by making sure that any staff member that asks to take your baby from your room is wearing a hospital picture badge and an appropriate uniform. Only people with a name band that matches the baby should return the baby to the nursery.


Mother and New Baby Care

Throughout your stay, your nurses will assist you in learning how to care for yourself and your baby. We also provide a comprehensive "Mother and New Baby Care" teaching booklet with supportive resources accessed at This easy-to-use website offers our patients more than 30 video clips that show real-life examples of the subjects that they are learning about, including postpartum exercises, proper breastfeeding techniques, newborn diapering, and much more.

Baby pictures

Don’t forget to bring special outfits for your baby’s pictures. If you choose, your baby’s pictures will be posted on our online nursery for your friends and family to see. You are welcome to take as many pictures of your baby as you would like. We cannot allow you to take pictures of other babies in the nursery. Video recording is only allowed in your private room. If you would like to video record your delivery, please discuss this with your doctor and nurse.


Birth certificates and other forms

Before you leave the hospital, our staff will help you complete the applications for your baby’s birth certificate and social security number. No fee is required to file the forms. If the parents are not married and the father is accepting paternity, we will help you file the voluntary paternity forms for the state. To file, the father needs a government-issued photo ID. There is a processing fee.


Our hospital and the surrounding property are smoke-free. If you are a smoker, we have resources available to help you cope during your stay in the hospital.


Going Home

Most mothers and babies go home on the second day after delivery. If you have had a C-section delivery, plan on going home on the third or fourth day after delivery. Plan to go home in the morning after you have been seen by your doctor. Some families choose to go home when the baby is only 24 hours old. This early discharge option is only available for term babies who are feeding well and have no risk factors. Please let us know if you are planning on an early discharge. Don’t forget to bring your car seat with you to the hospital.


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