Patient Information

At Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital, you will labor, deliver your baby, and recover in the same room. Your partner or support person will have a place to sleep in your room. Every room has a whirlpool tub, hair dryer and a CD player. Our hospital also offers wireless Internet access and laptops that you can borrow during your stay. Your room is large enough to accommodate your family and visitors. We also offer helpful nursing items for purchase such as nursing bras, breast pumps and supplies, if needed.

Things to think about before you give birth

There are a few decisions that you should make before your baby is born.

  • Have you chosen your baby’s doctor? Your OB provider, your friends, and family are good resources to help you with your choice, or you can find a provider here.
  • Are you going to breastfeed or formula feed?
  • If you have a boy, will you have him circumcised?

When should I come?

It’s always a good idea to talk about this with your doctor at an OB visit, but we recommend that you come into the Family Birth Center if:

  • your bag of waters breaks
  • you are within 3 weeks of your due date and have been having contractions for at least 1 hour that last for 1 minute and are 5 minutes apart or less

Our phone number is 715.393.3258. If you are able, please call us so we can be ready to care for you. Please call your OB doctor with all other questions.

Arriving at our hospital

Please come to Parking Lot #5 and Door #5 to get to the Family Birth Center. This is also our Emergency Department entrance. Stop at the desk right inside the door. Wheelchairs are available. For directions to the hospital, click here.

Our security program

Your baby will be safe in the Family Birth Center. We use the Hugs and Kisses electronic security system along with identification bracelets that are unique to you and your baby. There are also strict rules on who can handle your baby, and how your baby is moved for examinations or tests. Before you let anyone touch your baby, check that person’s hospital photo identification (ID) badge. Your baby must always be transported by bassinet.

Baby pictures

Don’t forget to bring special outfits for your baby’s pictures. We will take a series of baby pictures for you to take home on a CD. If you choose, your baby’s pictures will also be posted on our online nursery for your friends and family to see. You are welcome to take as many pictures of your baby as you would like. We cannot allow you to take pictures of other babies in the nursery. Video recording is only allowed in your private room. If you would like to video record your delivery, please discuss this with your doctor and nurse.

Your celebration meal

Celebrate the new addition to your family with a special private meal served for you and your partner in your room. Congratulations from all of us!

Going home

Most mothers and babies go home on the second day after delivery. If you have had a C-section delivery, plan on going home on the third or fourth day after delivery. Some families choose to go home when the baby is only
24-hours old. This early discharge option is only available for term babies who are feeding well and have no risk factors. Please let us know if you are planning on an early discharge. Don’t forget to bring your car seat with you to the hospital.

Birth certificates and other forms

Before you leave the hospital, our staff will help you complete the applications for your baby’s birth certificate and social security number. No fee is required to file the forms. If the parents are not married and the father is accepting paternity, we will help you file the voluntary paternity forms for the state. To file, the father needs a government-issued photo ID, and there is a processing fee.


Our hospital and the surrounding property are smoke-free. If you are a smoker, we have resources available to help you cope during your stay in the hospital.

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