Birthing Services in Wabasha

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Family-Centered Maternity Care
Saint Elizabeth's Family Birthing Center in Wabasha offers choices and enhances the comfort for moms and families. Homelike labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum suites, midwife services, choices in pain management, childbirth and sibling education, and waterbirth delivery create memorable beginnings.

Waterbirths at Saint Elizabeth's
Birthing in Saint Elizabeth's waterbirth tub reduces stress and anxiety, allows the laboring woman to focus inward, relaxes the body's muscles, and makes it possible for the laboring woman to move and change positions more easily. There are benefits for the baby too: Warm water is similar to the familiar fluid environment of the womb and creates a smoother transition to an air environment. Water also buffers light and sound that can over stimulate a newborn. Saint Elizabeth's is one of only a few hospitals in Minnesota that offer this natural childbirth option.

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