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 Together Learning to Cope is the bereavement program of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for parents and families who have experienced a loss during pregnancy, at birth or shortly thereafter.Those who choose to be a part of our program are offered grief materials, mementos, cards and newsletters, follow-up phone calls and memorial services. The TLC staff provides compassionate care to Birth Center and Neonatal Intensive Care families.

Pain…emptiness and a sense of great loss. It is normal to experience these feelings of grief when we lose any family member, but it is especially hard to cope with the death of a baby.
The anguish and sorrow that we experience are normal reactions. These feelings cannot be diminished, but we can learn how to cope with them more effectively by understanding the usual pattern of grief and by learning from others who have walked this pathway before us.

Together Learning to Cope Support Group is a group for parents who have lost a baby during pregnancy, at birth or shortly thereafter. The group meets on the second Sunday of January, March, June and November from 6:30-8 p.m. Meetings are held at MSJH in Conference Room K. Parents may choose to attend one meeting or more, with or without their partner. Facilitators start the group discussion. It is available to parents no matter where they are in their grief and no matter how long it has been since their loss.

Memorial Services are held the second Tuesday of May and October each year. The service is held in the Hospital’s Chapel at 7 p.m., followed by a Walk to Remember and reception.

Join our Facebook group, Ministry’s Together Learning to Cope (TLC), to connect with others and get support through this time of grief.

Comments from others who have walked this pathway before us…

“I knew of others who had miscarriages – but never knew how they felt, until now. Sometimes, even my husband thinks I should be better by now. People think it’s as if I didn’t lose a baby. So why does it hurt so much and why am I so sad?”

“As a father, I was hurting. I had to deal with funeral directors, doctors, and clergy and then be back on the job right away. I was too busy to confront the issue. Just because I wasn’t the one who was pregnant, doesn’t mean I didn’t love my baby. I had to cry even though it probably wasn’t the manly thing to do. I was sad too.”

Contact the Birth Center for more information.


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