Preparing for Childbirth

Stay Healthy

The habits and lifestyle you practice will affect the growth and development of your baby. Follow the recommendations of your doctor during pregnancy such as these healthy choices:

  • If you smoke, stop. Tobacco smoke is dangerous to you and your baby, before and after birth. Tobacco toxins interfere with an unborn baby getting oxygen and growing well. You can call the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line for free, confidential help to quit smoking or chewing at 800.QUIT.NOW.
  • Taking prenatal vitamins.
  • Taking iron if you have been so advised.
  • Exercising, unless advised against it.Walking in the fresh air and sunshine is very beneficial unless it is icy and cold. Group exercise programs to maintain fitness during pregnancy may be available at local facilities such as the YMCA.
  • Getting adequate rest and sleep to help restore your body, spirits, and your emotions.
  • Eating the recommended diet for pregnancy in order to supply good fuel for your baby and you.
  • Drinking plenty of liquids, 8 – 10 glasses per day. Water, milk, natural juices, and soups are the best sources. It is advised to limit beverages containing sugar or caffeine. Alcohol is not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Using your automobile’s seat belt for the safety of you and your baby. Make sure the lap belt is placed under your abdomen and lying across your hip bones.
  • Obtaining vaccinations that are safe and indicated during pregnancy.
  • Maintaining good dental practices. Routine checkups with your dentist are recommended.

Things to think about before you give birth

  • Have you chosen your baby’s doctor? Now is a good time to select a health care provider for your baby. Our pediatricians encourage a prenatal visit to get acquainted and discuss preparations for the arrival of your baby. Friends and family are often good resources when selecting a doctor, or ask your Ministry Medical Group Women’s Health provider for help in making this decision when you come in for a prenatal visit. You can also call the Ministry Medical Group Pediatric Department appointment desk directly at 715.361.4765.
  • Are you going to breastfeed or formula feed?
  • If you have a boy, will you have him circumcised?
  • Have you purchased a car seat?

When should I come to the birthing center?

It’s always a good idea to talk about this with your health care provider at an OB visit. If you suspect you are in labor, please contact your OB provider at 715.361.4738. If you call after hours, please call the Birthing Center at 715.361.2090. Some general guidelines to determine if you need to come to the hospital are:
• If you have uterine contractions every 5 – 7 minutes, that last 40 – 60 seconds for an hour.
• If your bag of water breaks, (you will feel a gush of water) go to the hospital even if contractions have not begun. If you are able, please call us so we can be ready to care for you.

Arriving at our hospital

If it is after hours, come to the Emergency Department entrance. Stop at the desk right inside the door. Wheelchairs are available here.

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