Preparing for Childbirth

Prenatal and Family Education Classes

We encourage you to learn as much as possible about yourself and your baby during your pregnancy. We offer a variety of prenatal and family education classes. These classes will help you assume your role as parents with greater ease, confidence, and joy. Please refer to the brochure given to you by your clinic staff for registration information or call the Women and Infant Center at 715.346.5655 or 800.472.9449.


Birth Plan

A Birth Plan will be given to you at your 28-week appointment. This will allow you to discuss your goals for your birth experience with your doctors and nurses.

Many patients ask, “Do I need a birth plan?” or “What should my birth plan include?” Deciding to write a birth plan is up to you. Some people like to put in writing their choices for their labor experience. Others are comfortable just talking about their choices when they present in labor. We want you to have the best experience possible with your labor, with the goal being a healthy mother and a healthy baby after delivery.



We welcome you and your family to come and tour our unit so you will be familiar with what is available for you during your stay. Call 715.346.5655 to make an appointment.


Things to think about before you give birth

  • Have you chosen a doctor for your baby?
  • If you have a boy, will you have him circumcised?
  • Are you going to breastfeed or formula feed?
  • Have you purchased a car seat?

Your birth experience

You and your doctor will decide when it is time for you to come to the hospital. It is important to call ahead to the Women and Infant Center at 715.346.5655 or 800.472.9449 so that the nurses can have your room ready for your arrival.

Your single-room birthing suite is designed to provide for any special care that you or your baby may require while maintaining a comfortable home-like setting. Your support person is encouraged to provide you with coaching and emotional support during this exciting time of your labor and delivery. Our knowledgeable and caring nursing staff will also provide you with support and guidance through your birth experience. If a cesarean birth should be necessary, our staff will guide you through the process. Your support person may accompany you to the Operating Room for the birth to support you and to be present for your baby’s arrival. You will then be taken back to your room with your baby joining you for this very special bonding time.



The father or support person is encouraged to stay throughout the birth experience and overnight in your room.
Family and friends may visit you and your baby as soon as you desire visitors.
No children under the age of 12 may visit unless they are the baby’s siblings.
Please advise family and friends who are planning to visit of the importance of thorough hand washing before touching your baby. Your visitors should be free of any infections.


Your baby’s safety is our priority. Precautions are taken to ensure that your baby is protected.
ID bracelets will be applied to you and your baby shortly after birth.
Footprints will be taken and a physical exam will be done to start your baby’s medical record.
A transmitter will be placed on your infant’s ankle and your wrist. This electronic device is part of Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital security system.
All hospital personnel wear a photo ID with their name and position.


Throughout your stay, your nurses will assist you in learning how to care for yourself and your baby. We also provide a comprehensive "Mother and New Baby Care" teaching booklet with supportive resources accessed at This easy-to-use website offers our patients more than 30 video clips that show real-life examples of the subjects that they are learning about, including postpartum exercises, proper breastfeeding techniques, newborn diapering, and much more.



We will take pictures of your baby with your permission for you to purchase and to post on our secure Online Nursery. If you would like to bring a special outfit, we would be glad to dress your baby for the photograph. You may take as many pictures and videos of your baby in your private room as you wish. Video recordings of your baby’s birth are not permitted.



We encourage you to stay with us until your second day after delivery to rest and learn all you can about your new baby. If you have a Cesarean birth, you will leave on the fourth day after delivery. Plan to go home in the morning after you and your baby are seen by your doctors. Please enjoy a special Celebration Meal for you and your partner served to you in your room. Congratulations from all of us.

Don’t forget to bring your car seat with you to the hospital; Wisconsin law requires that your baby be taken home in a car seat. Remember to have your seat checked and properly installed before coming to the hospital.
We are always available to help you with questions you may have. We look forward to caring for you and your family as you begin this lifelong journey of parenting.



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