Cancer Services in Rhinelander

Residents of the Rhinelander, Tomahawk and surrounding area can access today's finest cancer care programs, with diagnostics and treatments available at the James Beck Cancer Center at Ministry Saint Mary's Hospital. In partnership with a distinguished collaborative program based at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield, services offered at the Rhinelander campus are shared by Ministry Health Care and Marshfield Clinic. This provides a coordinated network of cancer care services in northern Wisconsin, linking progressive hospital facilities and highly skilled medical professionals. Cancer patients all over the region have access to world-class care typically associated with major population centers.

It's a model of networked care, supported by primary care physicians, technicians and radiologists, oncologists and administrative staff, supplemented by a rich menu of support services for patients and their loved ones.

This program deals with all types of cancers, offering leading-edge treatments for breast, prostate, gynecologic, skin cancers, and others. Our association with the specialty cancer program at Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield allows for referral to a nearby facility that has special capabilities in treating pediatric cancers, brain tumors and other complex cases.

"Cancer requires a continuum of care and caring," says Richard Mercier MD, Marshfield Clinic oncologist and Medical Director of advanced cancer treatment programs in at James Beck Cancer Center, in addition to Marshfield, Stevens Point and Weston.

"It's about establishing trust, working together and maintaining a comfort level," says Mercier. "We encourage people to come to us for a second opinion or to seek it elsewhere. We just want patients to know we're with them every step of the way."

Follow-up and support

The James Beck Cancer Center at Ministry Saint Mary's Hospital nurtures long, close relationships and ongoing care with cancer patients, whether in the form of future treatments, palliative care, rehabilitation, checkups, support groups or providing new information. The goal is to meet every need of every patient, and to be a trusted resource for their families.


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