Choosing Your Cancer Care

You deserve the best care available. Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital’s James Beck Cancer Center offers you access to a team of oncologists, physicists, radiation therapists, surgeons, oncology nurses and counselors who are all highly skilled in their fields. Each is committed to providing you with individualized cancer care throughout your cancer journey.

In today’s day in age, competition seems to outweigh the importance of patient quality of life, physical and emotional needs. Patients are referred to distance cancer centers by providers just to “keep the patient in the system.” The people in the Rhinelander, Tomahawk, Crandon, Eagle River and surrounding communities need to know that when they are touched by cancer, their family members nor they need to travel long distances to experience quality cancer care and treatment.

At James Beck Cancer Center (JBCC), we believe in treating cancer with the highest level of care available. That includes treating your disease with every technological advancement possible. Through donated dollars, the James Beck Cancer Center Radiation Oncology center is today delivering state of the art treatment, specifically tailored to you and your disease.

The James Beck Cancer Center looks at each patient as a whole, from the moment patients are diagnosed, through their entire treatment, and into survivorship; the JBCC is committed to supporting patients through the physical, emotional, spiritual and survivorship aspects of life.

We are here to listen and to work together with you to give you the information you need about your cancer and your health. We believe in you and your ability to make it through whatever cancer brings your way.

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