Honor a Friend or Family Member

Reflection Point

Through the hard work of many, a local landscape crew transformed a special spot just outside of James Beck Cancer Center named Reflection point. This is a very special place where cancer patients and their family members can reflect on their cancer journey and the path that lies before them, as well as a place to remember a loved one who may have passed on.

This area takes into account the “sense of sight” of these individual, focusing their view across the pond toward the water fountain. The “sense of smell” is supported by fragrant flowering bushes an perennials. Thirdly, the “sense of taste” has been incorporated by adding strawberry plants and blueberry bushes. Lastly, the “sense of hearing” is emphasized by the sounds that a person may hear while enjoying Reflection Point. As someone sits on one of the dedicated benches, they hear the whispering of the switch grass and the clapping of trembling aspens. Visitors who visit this area or take a seat on a bench need not feel alone or vulnerable as the landscaper incorporated a feeling a shelter and comfort with the strategic placement of trees.


Memory Bricks

Here’s your chance to honor a loved one or special friend by purchasing a commemorative brick in their name. You choose what you’d like the brick to say. Perhaps it’s their name, a favorite quote, or a special date that you have shared with them. We’ll order and permanently place the brick into our pathway on the grounds of James Beck Cancer Center when the weather permits.

Memory Brick Order Form


Annual Celebration of Life Event

The James Beck Cancer Center offers an annual Celebration of Life event to honor people whose lives have been touched by cancer. This free celebration is held during the summer months on the grounds of Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rhinelander. It is a chance to honor cancer survivors for their strength and courage, recognize the contributions of their families, friends, and health care providers. The event promotes an awareness that knowledge, hope and inspiration can help beat cancer; and emphasizes that cancer survivors can live active, productive lives even though they may still face many challenges.

Check back for updates on our summer 2010 celebration details.

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