Diabetes Services in Stevens Point at Ministry Medical Group

The mission of Ministry Diabetes Services at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital is to empower individuals affected by diabetes by providing them with the self-care skills and resources necessary to manage all aspects of their disease, thereby reducing the risk of complications and improving the quality of their life.

Diabetes is a serious disease, which, if not controlled, can be life threatening. It is often associated with long-term complications that can affect every system and part of the body. Diabetes can, among other things, contribute to eye disorders and blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputation, and nerve damage. It can affect pregnancy and cause birth defects, as well.

Although diabetes is a chronic and incurable disease (with the exception of gestational diabetes), with proper medical care, clinical therapies, diet, hygiene, and exercise, symptoms and complications can be successfully treated and managed.

"The Ministry Diabetes Services program is highly recommended to all who find themselves confronted with this life challenge. Kit and Deb are professionals who showed genuine interest in each individuals future well being."  - Brian Fedenko, Stevens Point

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