• "Excellent work with Kit identifying show changes in eating habits to reduce weight and identify hidden carbs and pancreas conditioning." Brent Holderman
  • "Coming to this class was very educational and the people were very helpful and pleasant. I would recommend to anyone that may find out they have diabetes." Steven Nelson
  • "It is nice to know that I am not alone and my questions and concerns are the same as others. It's nice to know that Deb and Linda and rest of staff is here for me all the time." Debbie Riske
  • "I believe this class has helped me a lot to understand how to use carbs and portion control, and helped me understand how foods work and how it changes my sugar levels." M. Patricia Barrera
  • “Everyone did an Excellent job of teaching.” P. McEvoy
  • “I enjoyed the class and it made me aware of the fact that I have a problem and I will do my best to make it right.”
  • “I have been a diabetic for 20 years and thought that I did not need a class, however when my blood glucose levels began going up I was willing to try these before having to go on insulin. I found the class, the educators, materials, and levels of education both enjoyable and valuable. My blood glucose levels have come down and I know they will be in normal ranges soon.” Kathryn A. Bemowski
  • “2 hour class was very informational. I really enjoyed it. Kit and Deb did a great job.” Donna Lothe “This course has taught me that I can live with diabetes and live a full life. I do not have to worry about eating the wrong foods, just do so in moderation and portion control.” Diane Frost

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