Trauma Research

Trauma Research

The Marshfield medical campus is home to the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation. Ministry Saint Joseph’s is the research site of many physician lead research projects.

The National Farm Medicine Center (NFMC) is a branch of the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation. Within the National Farm Medicine Center is the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety. The NFMC has spent years researching and developing programs to keep children and adults safe on the farm.

Trauma Services staff are also active in trauma related research. In April 2010, Janice Simonson MSN, RN, Trauma Performance Improvement, presented a poster presentation entitled “Under the Influence: Are we in Denial” at the 13th Annual Society of Trauma Nurses Conference.


Trauma Registry

Trauma Services of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital maintains a trauma registry database of patients who receive care for certain traumatic injuries from the time of injury until discharge. This data is used for education, research, injury prevention, and quality improvement purposes. We also submit trauma registry data to the Wisconsin Trauma Registry and the National Trauma Data Bank.


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