Healthcare Coalitions

Earlier this winter, the Wisconsin Department of Health announced that the regional trauma advisory council maps will be redrawn to match the Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program regions as an initial step toward building healthcare coalitions. The purpose of healthcare coalitions is “to provide a formal collaboration among healthcare organizations and public and private sector partners organized to better prepare for and respond to an emergency, mass casualty or catastrophic health event.”

What does that mean for the NCRTAC? As of this writing we are not totally sure but the essential elements of the trauma system and NCRTAC will continue. We may get a new name, new logo, change how we meet or who we meet with but we will definitely continue working together to improve trauma care to our patients. And EMS will continue to play a crucial role in trauma care and will also certainly become an important partner in the healthcare coalitions. Stay tuned!

Utility Emergencies Training

What will be the source of the next big call? Ice storm, wind storm, car crash, tornado, do-it-yourself project gone wrong? Besides causing injuries, these all can also cause damage to utilities such as overhead or underground electric lines or natural gas supply lines. EMS and fire personnel should be prepared to recognize and avoid these dangers. Your life depends on it.

We all are pretty good at saying “Scene safety – BSI!” at the beginning of our practice scenarios in a classroom but now it’s time to make it real. The Wisconsin Utilities Association is offering free online Emergency Responder
Awareness Training for EMS, fire and law enforcement. Check out more at: or contact your local utility provider to see what they offer. Many have hand-outs and quick reference guides as well.

Learn more about the NCRTAC and all our projects at

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