Home Health Services

Overview of Home Health Care
As Medicare-Certified providers, our professional staff provide compassionate individualized care to people of all ages in the comfort of their homes. They work closely with family members or other caregivers on how to continue care between professional visits, creating a strong sense of empowerment.

Skilled Nursing Services
State-licensed nurses provide care and also demonstrate, teach, and supervise care given by family members, home care aides, and other caregivers.

Therapy Services

  • Physical therapy is provided by, or under the direction of, a physical therapist licensed by the state. Physical therapy includes evaluation and treatment of a patient’s condition. It helps patients regain skills, strength, and range of motion. Our goal is to help patients and families learn or regain skills needed to safely live in the home and progress toward independence.
  • Occupational therapy helps patients to achieve maximum independent function in areas of daily life such as personal self-care, home and meal management, memory, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Speech therapy can aid in all aspects of communication, help with eating  and swallowing problems, and treat learning disabilities that affect daily activities.

Social Work Services
Medical social workers provide support to patients and families. They also can help with long-range planning, advanced directives, and connecting the patient’s family to financial and community resources.

Home Care Aide Services
The certified home care aide helps the patient with personal care tasks such as bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, and other duties as assigned by the nurse or therapist.

Eligibility for Home Health Services
To meet the requirements of Medicare and many insurance sources, patients must be considered homebound to receive home health services. This means there should be a normal inability to leave home, and leaving home would require taxing and considerable effort. The patient may be considered homebound if the absences from the home are infrequent or for periods of relatively short duration, or attributable to the need for health care treatment. The home health staff can help to make sense of this requirement.

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