NICU Staff

The staff of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has a long-standing reputation for providing the highest level of continuous life support and individualized critical care in the region to extremely high-risk infants and those with complex and critical illnesses including premature birth, heart or lung problems, or other serious and life-threatening conditions.

The minute-by-minute care needed in the NICU is provided by a highly-trained team, including:

RN-Registered Nurse
LPN-Licensed Practical Nurse
Nurses that are specially trained in caring for sick infants. As a whole, our nursing staff has more than 1000 years of experience.

A pediatrician who has had special extensive training in newborn intensive care.

A doctor who is receiving additional training to become a pediatrician or other specialist.

Physician Specialists
A physician specialist may need to be consulted for your baby. Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital has these specialists available to us at all times. Our specialists include:

Pediatric Cardiologist—heart
Pediatric Neurologist—brain and nervous system
Pediatric Nephrologist—kidney (urine)
Pediatric Gastroenterologist—intestinal and nutrition
Pediatric Endocrinologist—glands and hormone
Pediatric Hematologist—blood
Pediatric Ophthalmologist—eyes
Pediatric General Surgeon—surgical needs
Pediatric Psychology—aids families with issues
Pediatric Orthopedics—bones
Pediatric Genetics—syndromes, disorders, birth defects
Pediatric Otolaryngology—ear, nose, throat
Pediatric Neurosurgeon—brain, spine and nerve surgery
Pediatric Anesthesia—sleeping and breathing during surgery
Pediatric Urology—urinary tract
Pediatric Radiologist—interprets babies xrays
Pediatric Infectious Disease--infections

NICU Transport Team
A team that consists of a specially trained Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Flight Crew Registered Nurse and/or Paramedic, and Pilot. The team has members that are certified in endotrachael intubation, umbilical line placement, and needle aspiration of the chest. Furthermore, one or more of the members are certified in NRP, PALS, and ACLS. Our team transports critically ill infants from more than 20 counties in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Presently, our NICU transport RN’s have more than 118 years of combined transport experience. In Wisconsin, we are one of a limited number of NICU transport teams that will transport an infant using Nitric Oxide and Selective Total Body Cooling.

Social Worker
The person who helps you with non-medical issues, such as where to stay, insurance, transportation, financial issues, etc.

Perinatal Pharmacist
A pharmacist with special expertise in dispensing drugs for babies.

Respiratory Therapist
A person with special training in the care and management of respiratory issues of sick infants.

Occupational Therapist
A person with special training in infant development. You may encounter this person either in the NICU or in a follow-up clinic.

Physical Therapist
A person with special training in assessing and helping muscle tone and movement problems in babies. You may encounter this person either in the NICU or in a follow-up clinic.

Clinical Nutrition Specialist
A registered dietitian who is specially trained to help manage your baby’s nutrition.

Lactation Consultant
A board-certified lactation consultant with a specialized focus to educate and support families in breastfeeding.

Speech and Language Specialist
A person with special training in feeding problems, like sucking and swallowing.

Home Health Care Specialist/Discharge Planner
A person who helps coordinate any equipment needed after discharge—such as oxygen or feeding supplies.

Health Unit Coordinator
Individuals that coordinate the work of the unit. They transcribe orders, help parents upon arrival to the unit, and arrange follow-up appointments. They aid in the security of the unit, schedule diagnostic tests, and maintain medical chart information. They serve as an important link between families, staff, MD’s and other departments.

Music Therapist
An individual board-certified in music therapy for the NICU. It has been shown that giving appropriate music therapy as developmental care to premature infants enhances the quality of the infant’s life. It supports infant development and optimizes preterm neurodevelopmental outcomes.

Hospital Chaplain
A hospital based spiritual support person.

Support Services
Individuals who work to stock necessary supplies, clean the nursery, obtain lab samples, take x-rays, and provide maintenance.



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