Weakness or Paralysis

A person who has had a stroke may experience weakness or paralysis of the face, arm, and/or leg on one side of the body. This may cause problems with walking, eating, dressing, and other activities. Simple, everyday tasks may become difficult, and can be a cause of much frustration to the person who has had a stroke.

Getting started early with physical and/or occupational therapy programs will help the patient to get stronger and assist in getting the movement back. The special exercises will be important to aid in the recovery from or adaptation to these problems.

Apraxia is a type of movement problem that is not caused by weakness or paralysis. The person with apraxia may have difficulty performing a learned task.  This happens because the brain is unable to produce the correct motor planning to carry out the task spontaneously, without thinking about it, but when asked to do the same task he is unable to complete it. Patients with apraxia will need help re-learning certain skills.  Therapists and nursing staff can help. Family and friends can help by being patient and understanding. They should provide encouragement whenever possible.

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