What to ask your doctor

Are there ways that I can help someone with their memory around the home?

How should I talk with someone who is losing or has lost their memory?

What type of words should I use?
What is the best way to ask them questions?
What is the best way to give instructions to someone with memory loss?
How can I help someone with dressing? Are some clothes or shoes easier?

What is the best way to react when the person I am caring for becomes confused, hard to manage, or does not sleep well?

What can I do to help calm the person down?
Are there activities that are more likely to agitate them?
Can I make changes around the home that will help keep the person calmer?
What should I do if the person I'm caring for wanders around?

How can I keep them safe when they do wander?
Are there ways to keep them from leaving the home?
How can I keep the person I'm caring for from hurting themselves around the house?

What should I hide?
Are there changes in the bathroom or kitchen I should make?
What are the signs that driving is becoming unsafe?

How often should this person have a driving evaluation?
What are the ways I can lessen the need for driving?
What are the steps to take if the person I am caring for refuses to stop driving?
What diet should I give this person?

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