Core Meal Plan Weight Loss Program

Core Meal Plan Weight Loss Program

This is a program that is based on low glycemic index foods and is similar to the Mediterranean diet. On this diet you can have some grains, beans and dairy. This program focuses on balancing carbohydrate and proteins and nutrient dense foods with a low glycemic index. It has been effective in weight loss and maintaining weight. It can be used by itself and for maintenance after one of the other programs.

This program uses biometrics to meet individual needs. It is highly individualized, depending on whether your needs are to lose weight, control lipids, detoxify the body, eliminate
inflammatory foods. Proportions of food in different food groups and changed based on the goals and progress that is made. Although some food groups may be eliminated for certain patients, there is no "one plan fits all" in this program.

A core principle of the program is the desire to eat the colors of the rainbow in your foods, herbs and spices, teas every day. This provides high level micro-nutrients, antioxidants and antiinflammatory foods to complement the macro nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats).

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