HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG Weight Loss Program:

This weight loss program is a stepping stone to change the way you eat and how you view food. This weight loss program is meant for people who have tried many different programs to lose weight and have gained back the weight or been unsuccessful in losing. This program allows for rapid weight loss which gives very good positive feed-back to motivate the patient who has been frustrated with their weight loss efforts. The calories burnt come from the patient's own fat stores, thus decreasing percentage body fat while maintain percentage muscle mass. This is important to maintain a good basal metabolic rate. This makes it easier to maintain weight because the overall caloric needs of the patient do not decrease with the weight loss.

This weight loss program comes from Dr. Simeons, an Italian physician who developed this program over 30 years of clinical practice. HC is best known for being a hormone of pregnancy. In pregnancy, it allows continuous fuel and energy to the developing baby by allowing stored fats to be accessible, even though the mother only eats intermittently. It is this effect of allowing fat to be released that is used in this weight loss program. This program uses tiny amounts of the HCG compared to the levels found in pregnancy and does not have an effect on other hormones in the bodies of women and men (such as testosterone, estrogen andprogesterone levels).

This program is successful because of 2 things;

1. The very low calorie diet {500 calories of nutrient dense food per day) which forces the patient's body to find other energy sources for fuel.

2. The HCG hormone which releases the stored fat by countering the effects of insulin fat stores which are otherwise difficult to burn for fuel. It helps to mitigate hunger, making compliance with the 500 calorie diet easier. While HCG is an FDA approved pharmaceutical, this is an off-label use of the medication. {This is not an FDA approved use for this medication; having said that, many FDA approved medications are used by health care providers for off-label uses).

Ultimately, maintaining the weight loss and new body composition requires a change in lifestyle that will be ongoing with continued ongoing support in the maintenance phase. Patients interested in this program should view the "Dear Prospective Patient" Letter to see the requirements of the program.

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