Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet:

This diet has been growing in popularity. It works by eliminating foods that contribute to insulin resistance and inflammation, thus allowing fat calories to be burned while maintaining muscle mass. This diet is free off all dairy, grain, legumes, soy, corn, sugar and artificial sweeteners. These modifications seek to eliminate foods that can be inflammatory or those most often the cause of food intolerances (allergies).

The diet allows the eating of meats (especially grass fed meats) poultry, wild fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits (preferentially lower glycemic index fruits for those trying to lose weight), nuts, seeds and healthy fats (such as avocados, cold pressed oils, coconut oil, animal fats from animals raised on grass, fish oil, olives).

There are a number of modifications of the Paleo diet that have developed and can be customized for patients' specific needs.

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