Amy and Joe

During our engagement, my husband and I were looking for a method that would both be in line with our beliefs as well as would initially help my husband and I identify and correct some of the reproductive health problems I had been experiencing, off and on, for several years. Charting with the Creighton Model helped me get a better idea of what was going on with my health, and for me that was important. It’s also something I can use throughout my lifetime to actively monitor my gynecologic health.

Joe and I really liked how the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System (CrMS) is natural and aligned with Catholic Church teaching. It allowed us to be true to our faith. We didn’t have to use artificial means of contraception. I also didn’t have to worry about all of the potential risks I’ve heard about with other methods of birth control.

Although achieving pregnancy wasn’t our main reason for choosing CrMS, it did help when we were ready to conceive. The Creighton Model helped determine the exact day we could conceive and thanks to the fertility care system we had our first child, Caleb, who is a year old.

Throughout my pregnancy, we used the charting to address any concerns we had and we had follow-ups at the Fertility Care Center of Plover to minimize any risk of miscarriage. It was a huge relief, to have the support from such an amazing and supportive team.

I would encourage couples to try this method. I’ll admit it’s not extremely easy to learn, but in the end it’s worth it. It’s a natural way to give you control and confidence and it involves your husband. Traditionally, reproductive control is up to the woman but with this method, husbands are a big part of the decision and charting process. For us, it’s a good choice.

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