Hearing Conservation

OSHA hearing conservation programs are designed to protect your employees from hearing loss caused by prolonged and repeated exposure to high intensity workplace noise. Ministry Employer Solutions can help manage your program. The benefits of our hearing conservation services include:

  • Availability of an audiologist to review recordable shifts.
  • A recordable list that complies with the new OSHA 29CFR 1904.10-2002 guidelines.
  • Testing up to 8,000 Hertz which exceeds the mandated OSHA range of 500 – 600 Hertz.
  • CAOHC-certified technicians.
  • Educated professionals and technicians administer the testing program, and perform audiometric screening under the direction of our medical director.
  • Audiometric records are stored on CD-Rom for easy access.
  • All testing is conducted with the Benson 200 mini System in properly certified booths that are constantly being monitored for outside noise.
  • Audiometer calibrations meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI, and MSHA standards.
  • Annual audiograms are reviewed with the baseline audiogram to determine validity of the audiogram and presence of a Standard Threshold Shift (STS).
  • Audiometric data is reviewed for evidence of possible medical pathology, and a written referral is made at time of testing.
  • You will be provided with n OSHA recordable line out report at the end of testing to line out past recordables.
  • Exceeds the OSHA standard by notifying employees of STSs in writing immediately.
  • In the event of a persistent change in the employee’s hearing, a new baseline for that ear is established.
  • OSHA approved annual hearing conservation training for all employees screened.

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