Eye exam and fittings

The Eye Exam
Before you can actually be fitted for contact lenses, you must have a complete eye examination to determine the overall health of your eyes.  This exam will help us determine which lens material and design is most appropriate for you.

Because a thorough examination often requires the use of eye drops, the actual contact lens fitting may need to be scheduled separately.

The Fitting
Your optimal vision and comfort are the two most important things we consider when the fitting process begins. Without one or the other, contact lenses can often become a burden instead of a relief. That’s why, in some cases, additional visits may be required to make the proper adjustments.
Wide varieties of types, styles, materials, sizes and colors are available to contact lens wearers.  Your eye care professional will discuss the options which make the most sense for you.

Some standard lenses are stocked and available the same day as your fitting session, while other contact lenses need to be ordered and may take up to a week to arrive.

If your contact lenses are available the day of your fitting, you will be taught insertion, removal and care techniques at that time. If not, we will call you when your lenses arrive to schedule a training session.


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