For the first few days, your eyes may water, burn, or itch.
You may also feel as if you have something in your eyes.
Your vision may seem worse at first. This should improve
in about 5 days and become stable within a few weeks.
To promote healing:
• Protect you eyes from injury. Don’t scratch, rub, or
touch your eyes. You will be given an eye shield to
wear for a few days.
• Use prescribed eyedrops as directed. These are vital
to healing.
• Wear sunglasses when outdoors and restrict your
use of makeup as advised.
• Follow your doctor’s advice about driving,
swimming and other activities.
• See your doctor for follow-up visits. These help
ensure you’re healing well.

When to Call Your Doctor
Call your doctor if you experience any of the following:
• Increasing pain after surgery
• Worsening vision
• Increasing redness or irritation
• Thick or cloudy discharge from the eyes.

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