Orthopedics conditions generally fall into two major groups:

  • injuries resulting from a sudden, one-time event
  • conditions that occur over time

Sprains, strains, breaks and ligament tears are examples of injuries that occur suddenly — often as a result of participation in athletic or other physical activities. Other unanticipated, one-time events where orthopedic injuries may result include falls (from a ladder or tree stand, for example) or all-terrain or motor vehicle collisions. Often in these scenarios, emergent care is needed and corrective surgery may be a treatment.

Conditions occurring over time include carpel tunnel syndrome as a result of repetitive motion/use, and degenerative hips and knees due to arthritis, advance age, injuries suffered at a younger age that were never corrected, or some combination of factors. In these instances, the person is aware of the condition, likely already has tried less invasive medical treatment and physical therapy and may be suffering from increasing pain that makes surgical intervention a viable treatment option.

Additionally, some newborns have congenital deformities that are correctable with surgery.

Regardless of circumstances, expected or unanticipated, there is great comfort in having a Ministry Health Care team of well-trained medical professionals available nearby to repair or rehab damaged muscles and joints.

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