Hip Replacement Surgery

Your hip is the largest weight-bearing joint in your body. When it hurts, it can keep you from walking or bending, can keep you awake day and night, and it limits your ability to move or lift your leg.

But, you don’t have to continue to suffer.

You can call Ministry Medical Group’s Orthopedic Department in Stevens Point.

The orthopedic team will work with you to diagnose and treat your hip pain. Oftentimes, pain can be minimized by using walking supports, by strengthening the hip muscles through an individualized physical therapy program, or by using anti-inflammatory drugs.

But when these treatments no longer control the pain and it hurts to walk or move, you may want to consider hip replacement surgery. During hip replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged bone and cartilage and replace it with prosthetic components that allow you to move more freely without pain.

Call Ministry Medical Group’s orthopedic department at 715.342.7950 to see if you are a candidate for hip replacement surgery … and get your life moving again.

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