Palliative Care Unit

Welcome to the Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital Palliative Care Unit. Your well being and the care you receive here are very important to us. The Palliative Care Unit is a specialized inpatient hospital unit where care is provided to patients in need of active, aggressive symptom control and to patients/families coming to terms with a poor prognosis and possibly making a transition in treatment goals. To help make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible, we are providing you with the following basic information to acquaint you with our inpatient unit.

Patient Rooms

All rooms are private with a sleeper couch for a loved one to stay over if they wish. You are encouraged to make the rooms more home-like with things the patient enjoys. There is a bulletin board in each room for cards, pictures, etc. Cable TV with DVD/VCR is provided in each room.


Family is defined as any person(s) who the patient regards as “family”.
Family members may visit any time, however please keep in mind that adequate rest is important for both the patient and the family.
If the door is closed, family members and visitors are asked to check at the nurse’s station before entering a patient room.
Children may visit with adult supervision. For infection control purposes, children should not sit or crawl on the floor.
Visitors who are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, or have been exposed to chicken pox, measles or mumps in the past 21 days, should not visit patients.


The Hospital prohibits the use of smoking materials throughout the facility and its premises to assure a safe and healthy environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Family Accommodations

Chair beds, recliners, and couches are available for family members.


Telephones for family use are found in each patient room. To make a local call from any of the phones on the unit, dial 8+ the number. To make a long distance a call from any of the phones on the unit, dial 8+0+ area code, the call must be made collect or with a calling card.
Cell phones are allowed on the Palliative Care Unit.

  • Between the hours of 7am and 10 pm calls can be made directly to the room. Dial (715) 389-4+room number. After 10:00 pm calls placed to patient rooms will automatically transfer to the nurses station.

Other Assistance

Please feel free to contact any of the following resources for assistance:

  • Social, Financial, or Discharge concern:
    Patient and Family Services (715-387-7890)
  • Spiritual: Spiritual Services (715) 387-7753
  • Insurance or Billing:
    Patient Business Services (715) 387-7847
  • General Concerns: Talk to the patient’s nurse or contact a Patient Representative at: (715) 389-4066 or (715) 389-3925.


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