Meet Our Residents

Andrew Kehrberg, Pharm.D., MBA


PharmD (2011) – Drake University
MBA (2011) – Drake University

A little about myself:

I am originally from Oshkosh, WI. I grew up visiting my grandfather at his general store in Loyal, WI (just outside of Marshfield). I enjoy both participating and watching sports as well as cooking.

Why did I choose to do a residency?

I chose to do the 24-month residency program because I wanted to continue to strengthen my knowledge base while maximizing my secondary degree (MBA) with the most continuity as possible. I feel this will prepare me for any job I choose to pursue once finished with residency.

Why did I choose Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital?

I chose SJH for multiple reasons: it is a large tertiary care teaching hospital with lots of access to unique patient cases as well as experience with high-level traumas, the pharmacy team felt more like a family than like coworkers, and it offered a 24-month Administrative Residency.

What rotation will I be doing?

I will be doing rotations in medication safety, project management, supply chain, local and system operations, information systems, leadership, and Lean Six Sigma. I will also be staffing every third weekend on the TPN/Kinetics Service.

Future plans/interests:

After the PGY-2 Administrative Residency I would like to obtain my BCPS certification and end up in a position where I can still practice clinical pharmacy while utilizing my administrative skill set. Ideally, I see myself in an pharmacy operations management job. Long term (10-15 years) I would like to work completely in an administrative capacity.



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