Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Rehabilitation Center is determined by the physiatrists and the referring physician with the assistance of the rehabilitation admission coordinator. The patient should be able to participate in and benefit from the full range of rehabilitation services. Patients appropriate for referral include those with impairments in two or more of the following areas:

General mobility: Difficulty with turning in bed, sitting up, balancing, transferring, moving about and maneuvering a wheelchair.

Self-care skills: Problems with bathing, dressing, feeding self, swallowing, toileting, home management and money/math skills.

Perception: Poor memory, lack of insight into limitations, poor concentration, disorientation, difficulty with thinking skills and making decisions, impaired safety awareness, difficulty perceiving the environment and impaired judgment.

Communication: Difficulty with expressive or receptive language, reading and/or writing.

Endurance: Difficulty tolerating the energy demands of basic activities of daily living and household mobility.

Psychosocial functioning: Impaired ability to initiate or interact with others in a manner which is acceptable/appropriate.

These impairments may be the result of:

  •  Stroke
  •  Brain injury
  •  Spinal cord injury
  •  Orthopedic condition
  •  Amputation
  •  Neurological disorder
  •  Multiple medical conditions
  •  Multiple trauma

Functional impairment, the ability to benefit from a comprehensive rehabilitation program, the patient's social support network, and discharge disposition options are the major factors in determining appropriateness for admission.


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