Scoliosis Therapy

Scoliosis is a 3-dimensional curvature of the spine that affects two to three percent of the world's population. Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital is dedicated to the conservative management of scoliosis.


Physical Therapists

Physical therapists at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital are among the first therapists certified in the United States to treat patients using the Schroth Method for scoliosis treatment. We have been using this method at Ministry Saint Michael's since 2004.


Physical Therapy Treatment

Treatment typically begins after a 15° Cobb angle is detected. Schroth physical therapy techniques include spinal elongation exercises, breathing techniques, postural training and manual techniques to improve muscle strength and control and to improve spinal flexibility. There are multiple goals of therapy:

  • Educate the patient on spine anatomy and the interaction between muscle imbalance, effects of gravity, and the progression of the scoliosis itself.
  • Teach specific individualized exercises to train to correct muscle imbalances, improve respiratory capacity, and improve trunk symmetry.
  • Maintain postural corrections through activities of everyday living.


By participating in the Schroth program patients become active in managing their own scoliosis and their own health.

 What is a Cobb Angle?

In an x-ray film, the curve of the scoliosis is usually measured by looking at the back view of the spine and measuring the angle formed by the top and bottom vertebrae of the curve. This measurement is called the Cobb angle.

 Is the Scroth Program right for you?
Schroth physical therapy treatment is appropriate for adolescents and adults with scoliosis. The intensity of the exercise program may need to be modified for older populations. With the Schroth program you can expect a decrease in your pain, more symmetrical appearance and a sense of empowerment over the condition.

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