Frequently Asked Questions

 What Causes Scoliosis?

Approximately two to three percent of the world's population has scoliosis. Ninety percent of scoliosis is idiopathic (no known cause). The causes of curve progression are not understood completely.

The following factors may contribute to the development and progression of scoliosis: curvature pattern of the spine, age, sex, pregnancy, genetics, environment, and other factors.


Why hasn't the Schroth Method been used as treatment before in the United States?

The Schroth method has been used in Germany for the past 50 years. It was developed by a German physiotherapist who herself had scoliosis. Over time the exercises were expanded and the treatment method spread to Spain and Israel. Much of the initial research was published in non-English medical journals. As more research has become available to English speakers, the Schroth technique has begun to spread to the United States and other English speaking countries. The Schroth technique adds an individualized exercise component to the traditional standard of care for scoliosis in the United States.

 How do I get started with treatment?
Once you have received a referral from your physician, a formal evaluation by one of our certified physical therapists will be completed. The initial evaluation will include a review of patient history and x-rays (if available). It will also include observational assessment of posture and trunk symmetry. Digital photographs will be taken to document the patient's particular curve. The photographs are also used in educating the patient about the curve. Strength and range of motion assessments as well as breathing capacity may also be measured.
 How long is the treatment program?
The training process for learning the exercises typically takes ten to 20 visits. For patients who live in the area we can spread these visits out over a 2 - 3 month period. For those living out of Stevens Point, physical therapy sessions typically are performed two times a day for one to two weeks. All patients will progress with the exercises differently so the specific number of visits may vary. We can adjust our schedule however to fit the needs of your circumstances. We have arranged for all of our out of town patients to stay at a local hotel at a discounted rate. Please mention this to us when you schedule your appointment.

Will my insurance company cover this type of therapy?

Most insurance companies do cover physical therapy. However, as always it is recommended that you call your own insurance company to verify the policy before you begin physical therapy. It is important to ask about co-pays, deductibles and limit on the number of visits. On every insurance card, there is a toll-free customer service number to call for information regarding the benefits available under your plan. Some insurance companies provide an additional number on your card specifically related to health plan benefit information. If Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital is outside of your network, your insurance company may make an exception for coverage since this program is not available in most areas. Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital is also committed to assisting individuals with financial concerns.

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