Injury Management

Employer Solutions is committed to working with employers to help manage their worker's compensation costs. Our occupational healthcare professionals are experienced in evaluating and treating work-related situations. Our providers understand the dynamics of standard first aid reportable and non-reportable treatment modalities. We work to provide a streamlined, cost-effective, and customized healthcare alternatives. We do this through timely and appropriate services that maintain clear and open communication.

We Provide:

  • Knowledgeable staff  that are current with OSHA record keeping regulations, Wisconsin Workers Compensation, and the transitional return to work processes
  • Extensive network of care specialists are available to meet all of your services needs
  • Same day appointments are available  
  • Emergency room coverage is available after hours and weekends
  • Extensive network of care specialists are available to meet all of your service needs
  • Electronic records and iSYSTOC status reports after each patient visit including diagnosis, work status, and recommended work restrictions
  • Determination of work-relatedness (fit for duty)
  • Case management / case coordination services

In addition to these services, we offer a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Program:

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Counseling
  • Exposure screening for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis B exposure vaccinations
  • Antiretroviral medication and treatment options
  • Specialist referral and educational programs when appropriate

Online Bill Payment

For your convenience, Employer Solutions now offers online bill payment! To access the payment portal, please click the link based on your invoice/service location:

Ministry Employer Solutions (Central/Northern/Eastern Wisconsin)

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