Health & Wellness

Your company thrives when your employees are happy and healthy. This is the cornerstone of TOTAL LIFESTYLE CARE (TLC).

TLC is a system-approach to health and wellness care. By coordinating all of your health, wellness and safety needs, Ministry/Affinity utilizes a team-focused delivery model to provide:

  • Outcome geared spending
  • Continuum of care
  • Healthcare navigation
  • Intuitive health and wellness

Your TLC strategy will include: Preventive care, disease and lifestyle management, evidenced-based programs, self-care tools, health education and other health and wellness services. Besides the advantages of the best health and wellness care available, your TLC program will provide you a powerful business advantage.

Through TLC, we organize your health and wellness priorities, programs, and services. This includes:

  • Assessing current state of health and wellness programs and policies
  • Identifying service and program needs and gaps
  • Implementing immediate impact programming

By prioritizing high-impact strategies to increase the value of your wellness dollars and reduce your cost of care, we will nurture and grow your program to ignite, drive and support a thriving wellness culture. A professional consultation is available to begin with TLC implementation.

Online Bill Payment

For your convenience, Employer Solutions now offers online bill payment! To access the payment portal, please click the link based on your invoice/service location:

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