Worksite Wellness

Lean Muscle Makeover Challenge
The Lean Muscle Makeover will challenge participants to perform strengthening exercises three times a week for either 6, 8, or 10 weeks. All participants will receive a durable resistance band (up to 40 pounds of resistance) fitted to their current comfort level, a strength training instruction guide, and a weekly tracking log. All promotional pieces, including posters and weekly flyers to keep your employees motivated throughout the campaign will be given to the onsite company coordinator to hang up and distribute as needed. Our health professional will get your employees started with a 45 minute interactive kick-off presentation, which includes a demonstration of strengthening exercises (custom designed for your employee population) will be provided to show participants the correct way to perform each movement. To help further progress, we'll also host a half-way question & answer session for employees to ask questions they may have regarding the program. Also, employees will learn new ways they can use their resistance band. This program will conclude with a program evaluation to measure program effectiveness and a celebration to award participants for their success.

Get Stepping 10K-per-day
The Get Stepping program will challenge participants to take 10,000 steps a day for 8 weeks. Participants will receive a pedometer to keep track of the number of steps they take each day with a goal of reaching 10,000 steps per day. Participants also receive a tracking guide that includes the estimated step equivalents for other activities. Incorporate our team challenge option to get small groups of employees to support one another in making physical activity a priority in their daily routine.

Freeze the Gain - Holiday Weight Maintenance
Help your employees slip past those extra holiday pounds by offering our 8-Week Holiday Weight Maintenance Campaign at your worksite. The "Challenge" begins before Thanksgiving Day and ends after New Year's Day. Each participant's goal is to maintain, not gain and getting started couldn't be easier. A health professional comes to your worksite for the initial campaign kick-off presentation/program briefing. The campaign includes three confidential weigh-ins and eight weekly newsletters filled with helpful holiday survival tips. A prize is awarded to all participants who weigh out after New Year's within two pounds of their starting weight.

Eating Well
Promote healthy eating in your workplace with the Eating Well complete nutrition workshop. Our educator will come on-site to your location for six weeks for a 30 - 45 minute session each week. Weekly topics include learning about the food guide pyramid, proper portions sizes, food label reading, how to eat healthy while choosing fast food, understanding fat, sugar, and salt content, and lastly the importance of eating well and exercising as part of a healthy lifestyle. Participants will learn through interactive sessions including visual displays, hand on activities, and group discussions.


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