Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders involve any difficulties related to sleeping, including difficulty falling or staying asleep, falling asleep at inappropriate times, excessive total sleep time, or abnormal behaviors associated with sleep.  Some estimates say that there are over 100 disorders of sleeping and waking that interfere with quality of life and personal health, and endanger public health.

Sleep is not just resting or taking a break from busy routines - it is essential to physical and emotional health. Adequate sleep may also play a role in helping the body recover from illness and injury. But, the emotional and mental benefits of sleep are also significant. Even occasional sleeping problems can make daily life feel more stressful and less productive

For those who suffer from sleep disorders, help is available from many sources. Sleep problems may be caused by or the result of disorders in various systems of the body. To effectively deal with a sleep disorder, the most effective plan of treatment is determined by a variety of factors including a review of medical history, a physical exam and analysis and monitoring of a patient in a Sleep Center.

Throughout the Northwoods and Wisconsin River Valley, Ministry Health Care provides a range of choices to help a person diagnosed with a sleep disorder receive the treatment and support needed to manage their condition.

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