Sleep Studies

What Happens During a Sleep Study?

Your doctor may recommend a sleep study to determine the cause of your sleep problems. During a sleep study, you stay overnight at the lab in a comfortable, quiet room. A Ministry sleep lab technician will attach painless sensors to your body to collect information about your breathing, brain waves and body movements while you sleep. None of the sensors are painful, and all are designed to be as comfortable as possible. This data is sent to a technician in another room who monitors the study.

Once the study is complete, a sleep specialist will analyze the data to find the cause of your sleeping problems. If the sleep study indicates you have a sleep disorder, we will explain the disorder and help you understand specific treatment options. Your quality of life may improve dramatically once you begin treatment for a sleep problem and start getting enough rest.

If you would like to visit the sleep lab prior to testing, please call 715.356.8411.


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