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In a medical emergency, time is incalculably precious. Ministry Spirit’s air and ground transport teams cover a lot of area in central and northern Wisconsin, much of it in rural or remote settings, to pick up patients from health care facilities and accident sites and get them to the best available care as quickly as possible.

For over twenty years, Ministry Spirit has been the region’s leading link providing more than 50,000 safe transports for patients who had no time to spare. Getting to the right facility fast means getting taken care of faster. Ministry Spirit is based out of Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital in Marshfield, central and northern Wisconsin's first verified Level II Trauma Center.

Our vehicles do much more than transport patients; access to the best emergency care actually starts when Ministry Spirit arrives. Our mobile response teams include highly skilled medical professionals who perform vital analyses and procedures as needed on-site and in transit. Ministry Spirit also offers a helicopter and ground units equipped and staffed for neonatal emergency transport, providing the smallest, most vulnerable patients specialized care en route.

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