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Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation offers critical care transportation and emergency pre-hospital care with ground ambulances and a rotor-wing aircraft (helicopters).


New to the Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation fleet is our Eurocopter EC145 helicopter, Spirit Air 1. The EC145, which replaces our familiar and venerable Bell-222, provides the largest cabin size in its class, which allows for maximum flexibility and configuration options. It has become the aircraft of choice for many EMS services, particularly because of its high-set main and tail rotors, rear-loading clamshell doors, extra payload capacity, unmatched visibility and additional safety features.

Experience being on board Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation’s helicopter Spirit Air 1

Powered by two Turbomeca ARRIEL engines, the aircraft offers excellent performance, a fast cruise speed of 133 knots, (equivalent to approximately 153 miles per hour), and advanced technologies. The EC145 is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and can be flown single-pilot Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)

Our second aircraft, the AS350 features built-in maneuverability, super visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, which has earned its reputation as a true multi-mission workhorse. Spirit Air 2 cruises at 133 kts and has a range of up to 360 nautical miles under the power of its 732-shp Turbomeca ARRIEL 1D1 turbo shaft engine. The AS350 also performs safely and cost-effectively for air medical services throughout the nation. Configured for vital life-saving and emergency transportation, the AS350 can carry up to four people (one pilot, two flight crew members and one patient) plus medical equipment.

The pilots are Airline Transport Pilot certified and continue to train throughout the year, including performing "check rides" to maintain current certification. Similarly, our helicopter mechanics hold FAA certifications and are required to periodically train for maintenance bulletins and new maintenance procedures.

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Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation operates several Type III modular ground ambulances which are medically equipped to transport a patient in a critical care environment. The ambulances carry the same medications and equipment as the helicopter.

All ambulance specifications meet or exceed state regulations and undergo regular preventive maintenance to ensure optimal safety and performance. For interfacility transfers, a driver trained in emergency vehicle operations joins the crew so that the nurse and paramedic can both care for the patient.

Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation Ground Units Get New Artwork

Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation recently unveiled distinctive artwork on two of its most recent ambulances. These ground units feature actual Ministry patients. Combined with safety in mind these units feature bold graphics and special reflective materials making them highly visible day or night. 

Each ambulance is actually a mobile intensive care unit with all the life saving equipment you would expect to find in an emergency room. Staffed 24/7 by a skilled, dedicated team of nurses, paramedics and drivers these vehicles are constantly in use transporting sick or injured patients to definitive care at hospitals throughout the Ministry Health Care system.

To learn more about the patients’ and their stories follow the links below.

Spirit Air 2 goes 24/7

Ministry Health Care is proud to announce its helicopter service in the Northwoods has expanded to 24-hour coverage. It was only a year ago that Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation introduced a second air ambulance to better serve the needs of patients in Northern Wisconsin. Ministry Spirit’s fleet also includes Spirit Air 1 which is based in Marshfield at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital.

The implementation of the second helicopter has greatly decreased response time to the region’s trauma and specialty referral centers in Marshfield and Weston/Wausau. In the first year of service, Spirit Air 2 impacted the lives of many area residents.

“Moving to 24-hour coverage allows us to provide an even greater level of service to area residents and fulfill our promise of keeping patients first in everything we do,” said Charlie Kotke, northern region manager of Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation Services. “Our goal is to have the patient to the trauma center in under an hour so decreased response times will definitely benefit the patient and save lives.”

According to Stewart Watson, MD, president and CEO of Ministry Medical Group, “The expanded hours will benefit critically ill and injured patients. Time is a critical factor in the treatment outcome for trauma, heart attack, and stroke victims and this will dramatically reduce the time it takes to transport patients to the closest appropriate tertiary hospital.”

Ministry Spirit performs a wide variety of missions, including inter-hospital transport, emergency scene calls, providing air medical resources to trauma patients at the scene of an accident, and education outreach to the EMS community and area schools.

To accommodate the increased air ambulance service, additional staff, including paramedics, flight nurses and pilots, were added. Ministry Spirit Medical Transportation has been providing efficient, safe medical transport for over 18 years.

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