Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services exists to meet the spiritual, emotional and ethical needs of patients, families and staff at Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital.

Chaplains at Ministry Sacred Heart Hospital can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chaplains provide services that include:

  • Patient support
  • Holy Communion
  • Anointing of the Sick
  • Staff support
  • Chapel Services

Call a chaplain when you:

  • see signs/expressions indicating spiritual distress (anger, resentment, despair, fear, hopelessness, worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, alienation)
  • are anticipating surgery or health-related procedures 
  • receive a new, serious diagnosis 
  • experience changes in health conditions leading to patient and family anxiety 
  • need to make ethical and health care decisions 
  • see a patient experiencing anger at God or asking, "Why?" 
  • experience a loss of a sense of hope or meaning; abandonment and isolation 
  • need to fulfill a sacrament or prayer need  
  • need dying/death support for patient and family 
  • need help with grief and loss issues 
  • need to help a patient deal with the loss of a family member or close friend

Chapel Information

If you need a place of quiet for prayer and meditation the Chapel is located on the first floor, and is available at any time to you, your family or friends. Hospitalized patients who wish to go to the chapel may do so in hospital attire and should tell their nurse where they are going.

Contact Information

If you are hospitalized you may be visited by the chaplain on your unit. Chaplains also visit patients before surgery. If you wish a chaplain to 
visit you at any time:

  • Ask your nurse to arrange a visit.
  • Call the Hospital Operator (0) and ask that the On-Call Chaplain be paged.

If you need to speak to a Chaplain at any other time please call 715.361.7733 and ask to have the On-Call Chaplain paged.

Office Hours

Vary due to patient census.

Online Resources

Spiritual Services exists to meet the spiritual, emotional and ethical needs of patients, families and staff at Ministry Saint Mary's Hospital.

Patient/Family Needs

Chaplains respond daily to spiritual needs with an understanding and sensitivity to cultures, belief systems and denominational requests. They minister to the rich and diverse needs of patients and families of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. Chaplains respond to crisis situations and facilitate communication with those involved, assess needs, process feelings and assist individuals in applying their spiritual and emotional resources to the situation.

Chaplains are able to respond to denominational/sacramental needs, ethical concerns, and to issues of grief, death and dying. Chaplains are an intricate part of the family/staff dialogue for organ and tissue procurement. They are actively involved with various hospital committees and offer in-service seminars to other disciplines regarding the spiritual dimension of holistic patient care.

In addition, the department staff networks with visiting pastors and church affiliates who connect with their church members.

Emotional and spiritual support are available to you when you are:

  • feeling depressed 
  • anticipating surgery 
  • coping with long-term illness 
  • concerned about a personal relationship with God 
  • facing the death of a loved one 
  • having difficulty communicating with family
  • feeling abandoned by God 
  • seeking prayer support 
  • looking for a friend to listen to a personal problem, clarify a situation or help you come to a difficult decision 
  • making ethical and health care decisions

Other services we offer:

  • Holy Communion 
  • Anointing of the Sick 
  • Reconciliation (confession)
  • pastoral counseling 
  • prayer 
  • pastoral visit

These services are available upon request. We invite you to let us know your needs. If you wish a visit from your own parish clergy, you or your family should notify them that you are a patient in the Hospital. Parish clergy who visit do have access to the names of their parishioners, but they are not always able to visit the Hospital every day and may not realize you are a patient here. If your minister is from a distance and unable to visit you, a visit with a pastor of your faith may be arranged at your request.


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