Patient/Family Needs

Chaplains respond to spiritual needs with an understanding and sensitivity to cultures, belief systems and denominational requests. They minister to the rich and diverse needs of patients and families of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. Chaplains respond to crisis situations and facilitate communication with those involved, assess needs, process feelings and assist individuals in applying their spiritual and emotional resources to the situation.

Chaplains are an intricate part of the family/staff dialogue for organ and tissue procurement. They are actively involved with various hospital committees and offer in-service seminars to other disciplines regarding the spiritual dimension of holistic patient care.

In addition, the chaplain networks with visiting pastors and church affiliates who connect with their church members.

Spiritual Services Department at Saint Elizabeth's Medical Center exists as an integral part of the health care team to provide spiritual and supportive assistance in providing a holistic approach to patients, residents, staff, and their families.

Chaplains provide services that include:

  • Patient, resident and family support
  • Sacramental support
  • Staff support
  • Chapel Services

Chaplains may be called when:

  • Patient/resident becomes critical and/or appears to be dying
  • Relatives/friends need support
  • Patient/resident dies and relatives are present
  • Patient/resident is exhibiting anger, depression, guilt, grief, hopelessness, worry, anxiety, shame or alienation
  • Employee or relative of an employee experiences a loss or tragedy

If you wish a visit from your own parish clergy, you or your family should notify them that you are a patient in the hospital. If you minister is from a distance and unable to visit you, a visit with a pastor of your faith may be arranged at your request.



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