Hybrid Operating Room in Marshfield

Reducing Risks. Saving Lives.


Imagine an operating room where physicians from every field of medicine work side by side to heal you. A room where the most progressive technologies in the world unite to generate unparalleled images of your inner body. A room so advanced, it defines new standards of excellence in modern medicine.

Welcome to the new Hybrid Operating Room at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital. The most cutting-edge surgical and interventional radiology procedures are available here, today, in central Wisconsin.

This 1,500-square foot operating room integrates the latest endoscopic video equipment and radiologic delivery systems, allowing specialists from a full spectrum of disciplines—including cardiac, vascular and neurosurgery; interventional cardiology and radiology; and anesthesia services—to work closely together to give each patient the best possible outcome. A large room size coupled with the most advanced technology enables surgeons to perform more complex procedures in less time. Using spellbinding accuracy and the least possible amount of radiation, our Hybrid Operating Room offers greater safety and comfort to every patient who enters our doors.

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