Sharon & Robert Dragos (and Tigger)
Colon surgery patients
Surgery at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital

Barely three months apart, Sharon and Robert both faced colon surgery. There were worries, questions, and fears. At Saint Michael’s Hospital there was also the support of a superb surgical program

“Dr. Selwyn listened,” says Sharon. “He treated us with compassion, empathy, patience and humor. So did everyone else at Saint Michael’s Hospital.”

“Want to know what an angel looks like? Anyone in that hospital with a name tag.”

Don Cooper

Abdominal surgery patient
Surgery at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital

When Don’s stomach discomfort turned out to be a serious condition requiring major abdominal surgery, he was glad to know it could be done in his hometown, with family and friends nearby – which made his 8-day in-hospital recovery a lot easier for everyone.

“Dr. Rusek spelled everything out for me,” says Don. “He expressed total confidence, and that gave me the confident to move ahead.”

“I had a family vacation planned for the next day. Within 45 minutes, three diagnostic tests were done so I could make the trip.”

Professor Jim Lawrence

Parathyroid surgery patient
Surgery at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital

UWSP chemistry professor, Jim Lawrence felt tired, his stomach ached and his wife and kids noticed that he was unusually irritable.

“Blood tests showed high calcium,” says Jim. “Nuclear scans zeroed in on a little gland attached to my thyroid. It needed to be removed. Turns out, a friend of mine was the surgeon (an old hockey buddy - Rusek). He and all the help I needed were right across the street from where I work.” After a quick surgery and an overnight stay, Jim – and his family – noticed immediate improvement. “I was back to my old self again.”

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