A Commitment to Quality

Ministry Home Care’s agencies have a longstanding commitment to quality, focusing on patient and family satisfaction, positive patient outcomes, and regulatory compliance.


“The staff of hospice did an outstanding job helping us and my mother-in-law during the last weeks and days of her life. This is a superb and caring organization.”
~Family member of a hospice patient


“Your never-ending care and compassion kept her in her home. We are grateful to all of you.”
~Family member of a home health patient


 “Thank you to everyone! We had no real clue how taking mom home would work, but your services were terrific. You gave us permission to listen to Mom and respect her wishes instead of focusing on things to prolong the life she couldn’t take any more. You were there to help us keep her comfortable.”
~Family member of a hospice patient


“I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and caring help that I got while recovering from my fall…I have told my doctor and the health care people here that your organization is the perfect model of what health care is about. I was very fortunate to have been a recipient of it.”
~Home Health Patient


“The hospice team was very thorough when they talked to us and explained everything very well so we knew what to expect before and during the dying process. They were also there for comfort while and after [she] was dying. They were excellent.”
~Spouse of a hospice patient


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