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Each of our tables will highlight a special segment of musical history, with whimsical décor that’ll be a great centerpiece of conversation. Seating will be first-come, first-served, with the exception of those who reserve their spot by filling a table of six and reserving the table of their choice ahead of time. If you’d like to reserve your table of six, call our office at 715.346.5355 for more information and to receive a unique reservation code.


Table Descriptions:

Sisterhood: Sisters share some of life’s greatest moments. Enjoy the friendship and sisterly love, as musical sisters of all sorts are featured at this table.

Food Fight: Come on down to the cafeteria to enjoy a platter full of artists with appetizing titles.

The Traveler: Use any mode of transportation to venture to this table which features destination titled artists.

Oh Brother!: My little brother was born today, so join me in a Hip Hooray! Share in celebrating this new bundle of joy, as this table features famous musical brothers.

Acronyms: This table features an alphabet soup of artists which identify themselves by simply combining a mix match of letters.

The Wild: Get wild, get crazy and enjoy the evening spent with a jungle full of creatures from our planet.

Paws and Claws: Nothing beats spending time with furry friends. This table features artists of the canine and feline species.

Feathers and Fins: Soar or swim on over and you are sure to enjoy the night with a flock and a school of musical artists.

Countdown: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Blast off and Celebrate! As this table features your favorite and most popular countdowns and artists with numerical titles.

Treasure Chest: Aye’ Mates! X marks the spot as you make your way to this destination with treasured artists.

Elements: This periodic table will be a scientist’s paradise, as molecules and atoms combine to create earthly elements found in these musical artists' names

Color Palette: Satisfy your palette while you spend the evening with the most colorful musical artists ever.

Bob the Builder: Grab your toolbox and head on down to the shop. This table features artists right from the job site.

Kings, Queens and a Prince: Welcome to thy noble court where you shall spend the evening with the most famous royalty in the musical kingdom.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Get your ticket for your preferred mode of transportation and ride on over to this special table featuring artists that will transport you to a night of fun and excitement.

Girl Power: “Sweet and Spice and everything nice” is the motto of this girly-girl table which features famous girl groups.

Boys Will Be Boys: Both young and old, boys will be boys! Spend the evening at this table with featured hobbies and sports enjoyed by boys of all ages and famous male musical groups and boy bands.

Barbed Wire: Put on your leather, spikes and chains and get ready to jam! This table features some of the heaviest of heavy metal bands ever.

The Blues: Put on your shades and hat, and get your harmonica ready. This table is sure to please as it features a night with legendary blues artists.

Grand Ol’ Opry: We reckon you should mosey on over and enjoy the evening with the greatest country legends of all time.

Yee Haw!: Ya’ll come down and enjoy some knee slappin’, foot stompin’ country fun. This table features current country music artists.

Rock: Are YOU ready to rock? This table will have rock, rock and more rock, as you will enjoy the evening with the top rock stars of all time.

50’s Golden Jukebox: What’s buzzin, cuzzin? Stop down at the diner, plug your dime in the jukebox, and enjoy the musical artists that made this era so memorable.

Disco Ball: Hustle on over to this table and have a funky night with popular artists from the Disco Era.

John: Grab your bathroom reader and have a seat as this table features some of the most famous Johns on the planet.

Latin Flair: There’s nothing like a Latin beat to spice up the night. Grab your maracas and enjoy artists from a variety of Latin destinations.

Legends in Time: Come and witness how time stands still at this table that features some of the most memorable legends in musical history.

On Broadway!: Get dressed to the nines and come on down to Broadway!  This showstopper features the top Broadway productions.

Movie Reel: Lights, Camera, Action! Grab a soda, some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show. This table features popular musicals we’ve grown to love.

Sand and Surf: Close your eyes and hear the ocean waves. This table features those who bring the island paradise to us through their music.

Across the Pond: Have yourself a cup of tea and some crumpets and enjoy some of the greats from across the pond, including the world famous British Invasion.

O’ Canada: Bring out the back bacon, eh. From Quebec to British Columbia, enjoy some of the top musical artists from the Canadian Provinces.

Down Under: G’day Mates! From Sydney to the outback, enjoy some of the best Aussies in the business.

Body Parts: Bring your body on down to this table from anatomy class, which features musical artists with anatomical names.

One Hit Wonders: How many does it take to make a difference? Just one! And these one hit wonders certainly contributed to the history of music. Take a walk down memory lane as we guarantee that you will remember these classic hits.

All That Jazz: Hot Dawg! Grab your sax and come on down to Tin Pan Alley. You’re guaranteed a high style time while you share the evening with various jazz artists from the jazz era.

Television Theme Songs: Grab that remote and your T.V. Guide, sit back and reminisce. This table features classic and modern T.V. shows with memorable theme songs.

Disneymania: Enjoy “The Wonderful World of Disney” as this table features some of Walt Disney’s classics as well as the shows and films that keep his spirit alive in the hearts of the young and old.

Piano Man Men: The key to a grand night is here at this table. From Beethoven to Joel, you will celebrate those who have shared their talents with us through the ages.

80’s Hair and Glam: Lace gloves, big hair, and guyliner will make this night totally awesome! Enjoy your night with some of the top artists and styles from the 1980’s.

Wisconsinites: Land of the frozen tundra, beer and brats, cheeseheads and hometown to a variety of musical artists. Reserve your night with the greatest state in the U.S.A.

Dr. Demento: Crazy, wacky and bizarre, this table features some of the top songs and artists that made the Dr. Demento Radio Show so popular.

Dynamic Duos: Bread and Butter, Moon and Stars, Hugs and Kisses. Great partnerships are what make this table so dynamic and loads of duo fun.

American Idol: Who will be, was, or could have been our next American Idol? This table features some of the top contestants and judges from this modern day televised talent contest.


Select your choice from the theme list above, call 715.346.5355 to confirm availability.
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