Falls Prevention

One Step Ahead...YOU Can Prevent a Fall

Each year, 1 of every 3 people older than 65 fall. Half of the older adults hospitalized for hip fractures cannot return directly to their homes or live independently after their injury.

In recognition of the devastating effect falls can have on the quality and length of life, Ministry Home Care created a broad prevention campaign. The campaign, titled One Step Ahead…YOU Can Prevent a Fall includes messages to community members, clinical staff, staff working in residential facilities, as well as all of the 5,000 patients served by Ministry Home Care’s agencies each day.

For an easy reference handout, click here.

Click below to view community messages:

See Clearly

Watch Your Reach

Check Your Meds

Take It Slow

Don't Let a Fall Cause a Domino Effect on Your Life

Brighten Up

Lace 'em Up

Toss Out the Rug

If you fall, you might not land in your own home

Clear the Clutter

Set the Bar

Don't let a fall ruin your independence


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