Hospice Education Program: Making Every Moment Matter in Arbor Vitae

5-week course about end-of-life open to the public

For many years, individuals who’ve chosen to pursue volunteering for hospice have been able to explore a wealth of information about the end-of-life in their training sessions. Dr. Kate Hospice is opening up their free education program to the general public. This comprehensive course will be facilitated by various professionals on the hospice team, sharing their experiences and expertise in a dynamic, interactive format.

Classes will take place 9 a.m. - noon Wednesdays beginning January 25 at the Dr. Kate Hospice Office in Arbor Vitae. The curriculum will provide a good foundation of end-of-life information, including presentations and discussions about death awareness, communications, family dynamics, terminal diseases and the dying process, pain and symptom management, medical ethics, end-of-life decisions, spirituality, grief, post-death rituals and self care for caregivers.

Individuals who complete the five-week course may choose to continue with three additional sessions that would provide them with the more specific information needed to function as a hospice volunteer.

This class will provide valuable information for people who may be faced with caring for a loved one in the future, healthcare professionals, employers, college students or anyone who is interested in exploring becoming a hospice volunteer.

The class is free to attend, but pre-registration is required by January 20. To register, please contact Randi at 800.234.3542 or randi.danner@ahah.net.

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