Ministry Expands with New Acquisition

Ministry Home Care to Acquire New Service Lines

Ministry Home Care is pleased to announce the pending acquisition of Coram Specialty Infusion Services’ ownership interest in Wisconsin I.V. Affiliates (WIVA). A closing date is scheduled for June 30, 2009.

Ministry Home Care, Inc. operates home health and hospice agencies across the state, serving 31 Wisconsin counties. Wisconsin IV Affiliates, including WIVA Fox Valley, provides home infusion therapies, bringing a wide array of medications and nutritional therapies to patients who might otherwise need to spend hours in outpatient clinic environments. Ministry Respiratory Services and Affinity Plus provide respiratory therapy to individuals as well as quality home medical equipment, all delivered directly to their homes.

A team of leaders from both Ministry and WIVA has been working diligently behind the scenes to assure a smooth transition for all patients, customers, and employees affected by this growth initiative. Currently known as WIVA, WIVA Fox Valley, Ministry Respiratory Services and Affinity Plus, these four divisions will soon take on a new name, but will continue their strong tradition of excellent service and patient care. This company will be known as Ministry Home Care Plus in the northern and central regions and Affinity Home Care Plus in the Fox Valley area.

Ministry Home Care has been a partner with Coram for more than a decade, and is looking forward to bringing these important service lines fully under the Ministry umbrella. “It’ll be really nice to have all of these professionals guided by the same mission, vision, values and promise,” stated Jerry L. Cleveland, president and CEO of Ministry Home Care. “By working together, this new initiative will positively impact our patients as well as the employees.”

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