LifeDirect Services

A service of Ministry Living Well

Ministry LifeDirect                 
1840 Post Road, Suite 5
Plover, WI 54467

Ministry LifeDirect                 
816 W. Winneconne Avenue
Neenah, WI 54956

LifeDirect, available through Ministry Living Well, provides a 24-hour personal emergency response service to people who want to continue to live independently, but are disabled, elderly, or medically at-risk. The service provides a small unit that is worn by the individual; when the button is pushed, an alert activates medical assistance any time of day or night. 

How LifeDirect Works
Each subscriber has a communicator unit attached to the telephone and a portable personal help button that is worn on their person. The user may be as far away as 200 feet from the telephone to benefit from this service.

At the first sign of trouble, the subscriber pushes their personal help button to activate a “help” call. Responders, friends, neighbors or relatives identified by the subscriber will be called to check in on the subscriber. If no responders are available, emergency assistance will be dispatched.

How much does it cost?
LifeDirect is provided for a little more than $1 a day, plus a small one-time enrollment fee. As part of our mission to care for everyone in this community, we provide subsidies that allow those who can’t afford the  cost to have the security LifeDirect provides. Individuals receiving SSI may subscribe to LifeDirect with a very reduced monthly fee and no start-up fee. No one will be denied service based on an inability to pay. Subscribers are responsible for loss or damage to their equipment.


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